The Return of Dog

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The Return of Dog the Bounty Hunter

It seems the folks at A&E must have read the comments here and on a lot of other blogs. They are now saying that just like Dog has given hundreds of other people a second chance, it was karma time.

No date has been released for the return of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’, but A&E has said that re-production of the show will begin soon.

So keep those comments coming and show your support for Dog and his crew as they battle their way back being the number one show on A&E again.


Dog the Bounty Hunter – A Second Chance

Dog the Bounty Hunter Well, by now most people are aware that Duane “Dog” Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, is in hot water.

Dog was made famous for capturing Andrew Luster the heir to the Max Factor empire and also the convicted¬†¬† man of 86 charges of raping 3 women. Shortly after this, A & E gave him his own show showing him capturing bond jumpers etc…

His show was the number one show on A & E, but that came to an end this week once a phone conversation between him and his son Tucker was released to the Enquirer and later surfaced on YouTube.

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Googles Algorithm

Google LogoWell the latest Page Rank update, which as usual is always highly anticipated, was quite possibly the worst update for many webmasters to date.

Google is trying to crack down on websites selling and buying text links and have decided to penalize these sites by dropping their Page Rank.

This Page Rank update not only effects those sites but has effected a large number of others big and small.

YouTube dropped from a PR8 to a PR3, but has since returned to a PR8. The fact that Google owns YouTube may have something to do with their quick Page Rank fix, but thats just speculation.

There has also been a lot of talk that the recent Page Rank update will effect SERPs if your rank dropped. Page Rank and SERPs as far as I am concerned are 2 different things and the update shouldn’t effect the SERPs, my rank for one of my sites dropped by 1 and my SERPs hasn’t changed.

How did the update effect you? Post your before and after rank below and any other comments you may have.

Mom reunites through Facebook with son she gave up for adoption

When Lori Haas joined Facebook, she didn’t know much about the popular social networking site except that most of her friends were on it. Little did she know how life-changing the online tool would be. After spending a year searching for the son she gave up for adoption 20 years ago in phone books, adoption registries and on the Internet to no avail, a friend suggested searching for him on Facebook.

“When my friend told me about the search tool and I typed in my son’s name, Travis Sheppard, I couldn’t believe it when I saw a photo of him,” she said.

The photo was a thumbnail shot of Sheppard wearing a hat and sunglasses and he was with a friend. Haas felt sure he was her son, but since it was difficult to clearly make out the picture, she was hesitant to send him a message. Then a week later, Sheppard changed his profile photo to a lone shot of himself.

“He was still wearing a hat, but I knew, I just knew that was him. My heart was racing when I saw the photo,” said the 37-year-old nurse from Vancouver. “We have the same long face and nose! And it was listed that he was in Vancouver. I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘Oh my god, he’s been living here too?!”‘

The 20-year-old Sheppard had moved to Vancouver only four months earlier in the hopes of locating his birth mother. He knew she had given him up for adoption in the suburb of Richmond when she was 17.

Haas worried about contacting Sheppard through Facebook since she didn’t know if he knew he was adopted. She finally sent him a message saying she was looking for a relative and provided a birth date and name. He confirmed the details were his and sent her a message saying he thought she was his birth mother. The two decided to meet the following day.

“It was exciting and scary all at the same time,” said Sheppard. “I’d heard so many horror stories about adopted kids meeting their birth parents, so I went into our meeting expecting nothing, so I wouldn’t get too hurt since I wanted to know for so long about my mother. But as soon as we hugged, I knew everything was OK.”

The connection between the two was instantaneous and they discovered they share similar characteristics and likes and dislikes.

“It was amazing how familiar it was meeting him and the feeling of being complete,” said Haas. “I carried around the pain and anxiety of giving him up for adoption at such a young age, but when I heard him say that he didn’t hate me for doing that, a chapter of my life ended and a new one is beginning.”

Since that meeting two weeks ago, the two have spent almost every day together touring Vancouver’s landmarks, as well as meeting Sheppard’s birth father, his family and Haas’ extended family.

“Everything’s fallen into place so perfectly and, well, so easily because of Facebook,” said Haas. “This weekend Travis and his birth father and I were all together. It’s been one of the happiest moments of my life.”

The reunited mother and son now have a profile photo showing them together on their Facebook pages. They plan to continue getting to know each other and to become a significant part of each other’s life.

“I was about to delete my Facebook profile just a few days before I got the message from Lori,” said Sheppard. “I can’t even imagine if I had done that. I’d still be looking for my birth mom, I wouldn’t have decided to stay in Vancouver and I’d still be wondering about my roots.”

More great news coverage for Facebook.

At Least 4 Dead After Two TV News Choppers Collide, Crash While Covering Car Chase in Phoenix

Federal investigators hope to determine why two news helicopters covering a police chase on live television collided and crashed to the ground, killing all four people on board.

Both helicopters from local TV stations went down in a grassy park in central Phoenix and caught fire Friday afternoon. No one on the ground was hurt.

TV viewers did not witness the accident because cameras aboard both aircraft were pointed at the ground, but they saw video from one of the helicopters break up and begin to spin before the station abruptly switched to the studio.

Computer program can learn baby talk

A computer program that learns to decode sounds from different languages in the same way that a baby does helps to shed new light on how people learn to talk, researchers said on Tuesday.They said the finding casts doubt on theories that babies are born knowing all the possible sounds in all of the world’s languages.

“The debate in language acquisition is around the question of how much specific information about language is hard-wired into the brain of the infant and how much of the knowledge that infants acquire about language is something that can be explained by relatively general purpose learning systems,” said James McClelland, a psychology professor at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

McClelland says his computer program supports the theory that babies systematically sort through sounds until they understand the structure of a language.

“The problem the child confronts is how many categories are there and how should I think about it. We’re trying to propose a method that solves that problem,” said McClelland, whose work appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Expanding on some existing ideas, he and a team of international researchers developed a computer model that resembles the brain processes a baby uses when learning about speech.

PC baby talk…

First sign of a drinking problem…

This news story caught my attention and instinctively I start to chuckle. This guy gets picked up for drunk driving is then released to a friends custody. After he flees from his friends car, he jumps back into his own car and goes to a bar and drinks more. On his way home, he loses a battle with a bridge, and then is held by bystanders until police arrive.

The same police officer who booked earlier, books him again for drunk driving.

It was released on a lousy $700 bail bond later that night.

Now, one would think he would go home, sleep it off and get cleaned up for court the following day, not this guy. He goes home and continues to drink and arrives before the judge tanked.

This guy definitely qualifies for a bonehead award.

Source: Fox