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Access Keys

I am a firm believer in accessiblity when it comes to websites. One great accessility feature that I think all websites should look at implementing are access keys.

I found a great tutorial on access keys, here is a short blurb:


What is an access key?

An access key is a HTML attribute that allows users to navigate to a certain link via the keyboard, rather than clicking. Its primary goal is to increase accessibility and usability in web pages for users who find using a mouse difficult.

Accessibility benefits

Access keys mainly benefit users with motor difficulties (users who find moving difficult, and have difficulty with pointing devices such as mice). By providing navigation with access keys, users have the option to perform a simple keystroke to navigate links.

On a PC, access keys are normally used by holding ‘alt’ and pressing the access key.

On a MAC, access keys are normally used by holding ‘ctrl’ and pressing the access key.

Providing access keys is part of the WCAG priority 3 guidelines, in which it states that important links should have a keyboard shortcut.

Read the full tutorial here