Getting That Expert Look

They say it takes a split second for a surfer to decide if he will surf a website or leave it. That gives you a very small window of opportunity to keep your visitors from leaving and also wanting them to come back.

Gone are the days when flashing text, or having animated flames plastered all over your front page was cool. Now, surfers want to see simple clean looking websites that are well organized and clear on what the subject or purpose of the website is. Here are a few tips on what you can do to help ensure you aren’t one of the millions of websites people leave in a split second never to return again.

1. Layout

When designing remember this term, Fold. Thats the point where the page stops due to screens ize and the visitor has to scroll down. You want your most important information above the fold, don’t make your visitor hunt for it. The maximum number of folds that you should have depends on who you ask, but really it depends on the type of site. I typically use a maximum of 3 folds, anything higher, theres too much information for the visitor to consume at one time.

Keep the layout consistent on all pages. That means your navigation, search facility etc… should be in the same place on all pages, again don’t make your visitors hunt for something thats in a different place on each page.

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