Dog the Bounty Hunter – A Second Chance

Dog the Bounty Hunter Well, by now most people are aware that Duane “Dog” Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, is in hot water.

Dog was made famous for capturing Andrew Luster the heir to the Max Factor empire and also the convicted   man of 86 charges of raping 3 women. Shortly after this, A & E gave him his own show showing him capturing bond jumpers etc…

His show was the number one show on A & E, but that came to an end this week once a phone conversation between him and his son Tucker was released to the Enquirer and later surfaced on YouTube.

The conversation contained explicit language and more importantly racist remarks directed at his sons girlfriend.

Since then A & E has puller his show until they determine what to do next.

Dog has appeared on Larry King Live on CNN apologizing and trying to explain what happened.

There have been numerous polls asking people what they think about the case, on Larry King’s poll 87% wanted his show returned, heres another one that seems to support his return.

I think his show should return. Dog gives people a second chance on his show all the time, you give what you receive. Lets give him a second chance.

Lets all relax and not make this a murder trial, this word has been said by almost all of us, the fact that his privacy was invaded and his good for nothing son sold it to a tabloid doesn’t mean we need to hang the man. What kind of son would sell his father out? Dog had another son do the same thing a few years ago, I wonder why 2 of his sons are so quick to accept money to sell their dad out.

I would like to see Tucker disowned by Dog.

Settle down people and lets forgive and move on. A & E, give the man back his show like you want to, but are worried about public backlash. Polls show people want his show to return.

I would love your comments.


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  2. […] second chance? Cast your vote here, and if you would take the time to post it to my blog as well. Dog the Bounty Hunter – A Second Chance Geoservs Take On […]

  3. I would just like to take a moment to say that Dog should sue Tucker because Tucker secretly recorded a private phone call.
    Also, saying the word n—– does not automatically make one prejudiced against blacks. How many of you out there have ever used the word bitch? Does that mean that you are prejudiced against women? Not always. Bring Dog back!

  4. Everyone makes mistakes. Dog made a mistake, apologized for it and promised to mend his ways. Dog is a righteous, God-fearing man who helps fugitives get their lives back on track, keeps the streets safe for the children, and inspires millions of people to get off drugs and to live life right. Dog lives by the golden rule. He gives his fugitives a second chance. I agree that he deserve a second chance, too. I miss the show and want to see it back on A&E. Tuesday nights just aren’t the same.

    For more positive info please go to –

    Also, if you really want to see Dog, Leland and the rest of the crew back on TV, please come to the rally Dec 13th in NYC in front the A&E headquarters. For more info please contact us at –

    And please sign the petition to get Dog back on TV –

  5. It is my firm belief that the conversation between Dog and his son should have remained a private conversation. Additionally, I believe that by so many people adding hype to this inappropriate comment they are literally making a mountain out of a mole hill. Not to undermine the emotion millions of people feel associated with this word. To condemn him for a comment made in private and then publically display it for national critics is nothing short of wrong, wrong, wrong. If there is to be criticisim it should be directed to at his son. It seems to me that America is condoning the betrayal of a son to his father. That is where all the publicity should fall. Having watched “Dogs” show for years and following his response to this issue it is obvious that “Dog” himself has and is sufficiently punishing himself for letting his guard down and making a comment that was made in anger to his son. I honestly do not believe that it was the intent of “Dog” to hurt anyone with the use of t he “N” word. By publically deciding the outcome of the future for “Dog” and his entire family over one inappropriate word seems so wrong. To quote scripture “Those among you who are WITHOUT sin cast the first stone”. Perhaps you haven’t used the “N” word however, the word Jew, Wetback, Whitie along with hundreds of other scenarios are every bit as hurtful to those it is applicable to. Dog does not fit the profile acceptable to mainstream America by presenting his personal taste, methods, expressions etc… Those who enjoy his program have known simply for those reasons that it was only a matter of time before something of this nature devastated his career. Why can’t America simply accept his apology and move past this. If all of our conversations were put on public display how many of us would be standing in similar shoes? He was provoked by his son when this comment was made. How many of us say things in anger or when provoked that we would give anything to take back? The attentio n to all the counseling, quidance and respect he gives to those individuals he brings to justice has not been mentioned once. How many of us are the proverbial “Pot calling the kettle black”? We each have one judge in this life and that is GOD ALMIGHTY, I believe he has the judgement issue under control without our help. I say “Forgive” and move on

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  7. Dog,
    Move to another network like FOX. Do not give A & E another chance. They are hypocrites. With all the utter garbage on TV,
    and this is what is pulled. It is hillarious!
    Children and youngsters need to see that crime does not pay and the Dog will get you.
    A & E has it turned upside down, but this does not surprise us.
    It is a reflextion of our current society.
    Go Dog and God Bless You

  8. Everyone has a bad day lets move on and put Dog back on the air. I have never seen a more helpful show next to foodnetwork Dog LOVES everyone good or bad it seems You know i never been in jail or even came close to I like to stay on the right side of the law and what people dont get most is you will get got and most of all Dog is the law and after watching his show enough time he enspires me to stay on the right side Thoughs who don’t get or understand Dog need to move on and get over themselfs

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