Googles Algorithm

Google LogoWell the latest Page Rank update, which as usual is always highly anticipated, was quite possibly the worst update for many webmasters to date.

Google is trying to crack down on websites selling and buying text links and have decided to penalize these sites by dropping their Page Rank.

This Page Rank update not only effects those sites but has effected a large number of others big and small.

YouTube dropped from a PR8 to a PR3, but has since returned to a PR8. The fact that Google owns YouTube may have something to do with their quick Page Rank fix, but thats just speculation.

There has also been a lot of talk that the recent Page Rank update will effect SERPs if your rank dropped. Page Rank and SERPs as far as I am concerned are 2 different things and the update shouldn’t effect the SERPs, my rank for one of my sites dropped by 1 and my SERPs hasn’t changed.

How did the update effect you? Post your before and after rank below and any other comments you may have.