Pay Per Post

Well, I signed up to out of curiousity. I wanted to see just how many companies use their service and what types of companies they were.

The first thing I noticed was a fantastic design and member dashboard. They have a video tour to help new members navigate which I think I better watch but all in all I was impressed at first sight.

I only scanned the list of companies and didn’t noticed any big names, but there were 158 at the times of writing this post.

Signing up to is easy but getting accepted isn’t, your blog needs to meet requirements such as be in existence for at least 90 days and have a certain number of post. Some companies on their list require your blog to have a certain PR but not all.

I haven’t been accepted yet, but I am patiently waiting for my oppurtunity to write a few posts and make a few dollars at the same time.

Many bloggers use this service to make a few dollars for their time and effort, the responsible bloggers who do write a post for money also make their readers aware it is a paid post.


This is not a paid post, as I have not been accepted to their service yet.


Microsoft, Google, Facebook

Microsoft pays $240 million for a stake that values Facebook at an astounding 150x of revenue – $15 billion dollars.

Seriously, did they really think that was a good investment.

Facebook is good, but come one, not that good.  They still have a long way to go.  It will take a while for Facebook to compete with MySpace.  MySpace has more traffic than any other website and makes more money than any other.  Facebook is not worth what Microsoft invested.

I think Google duped them into thinking Google was going to invest in it, when it actually was never interested to begin with.

Looks like Google has another major project underway.

Someday Microsoft will start thinking like Google.