Tony Laf – Key to My Dreams

Recently I have been watching a lot of Britain’s Got Talent.

I have been blown away by the talent I have seen, and I can’t stop watching.

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Timbaland feat. One Republic – Apologize

This has to be my favorite song right now.

Wait until you hear this though.

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Got talent?

When it comes to talent shows, especially, Britains Got Talent or Americas Got Talent, you expect to see someone with an amazing talent like sword swallowing, the next Timbaland, Kanye West or Daughtery. But what about expect Paul Potts? Who?

I first came across this person using StumbleUpon and was immediately awestruck. He was a participant in Britains Got Talent, another one of Simon Cowell’s ventures.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter – A Second Chance

Dog the Bounty Hunter Well, by now most people are aware that Duane “Dog” Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, is in hot water.

Dog was made famous for capturing Andrew Luster the heir to the Max Factor empire and also the convicted¬†¬† man of 86 charges of raping 3 women. Shortly after this, A & E gave him his own show showing him capturing bond jumpers etc…

His show was the number one show on A & E, but that came to an end this week once a phone conversation between him and his son Tucker was released to the Enquirer and later surfaced on YouTube.

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Getting That Expert Look

They say it takes a split second for a surfer to decide if he will surf a website or leave it. That gives you a very small window of opportunity to keep your visitors from leaving and also wanting them to come back.

Gone are the days when flashing text, or having animated flames plastered all over your front page was cool. Now, surfers want to see simple clean looking websites that are well organized and clear on what the subject or purpose of the website is. Here are a few tips on what you can do to help ensure you aren’t one of the millions of websites people leave in a split second never to return again.

1. Layout

When designing remember this term, Fold. Thats the point where the page stops due to screens ize and the visitor has to scroll down. You want your most important information above the fold, don’t make your visitor hunt for it. The maximum number of folds that you should have depends on who you ask, but really it depends on the type of site. I typically use a maximum of 3 folds, anything higher, theres too much information for the visitor to consume at one time.

Keep the layout consistent on all pages. That means your navigation, search facility etc… should be in the same place on all pages, again don’t make your visitors hunt for something thats in a different place on each page.

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Googles Algorithm

Google LogoWell the latest Page Rank update, which as usual is always highly anticipated, was quite possibly the worst update for many webmasters to date.

Google is trying to crack down on websites selling and buying text links and have decided to penalize these sites by dropping their Page Rank.

This Page Rank update not only effects those sites but has effected a large number of others big and small.

YouTube dropped from a PR8 to a PR3, but has since returned to a PR8. The fact that Google owns YouTube may have something to do with their quick Page Rank fix, but thats just speculation.

There has also been a lot of talk that the recent Page Rank update will effect SERPs if your rank dropped. Page Rank and SERPs as far as I am concerned are 2 different things and the update shouldn’t effect the SERPs, my rank for one of my sites dropped by 1 and my SERPs hasn’t changed.

How did the update effect you? Post your before and after rank below and any other comments you may have.

Pay Per Post

Well, I signed up to out of curiousity. I wanted to see just how many companies use their service and what types of companies they were.

The first thing I noticed was a fantastic design and member dashboard. They have a video tour to help new members navigate which I think I better watch but all in all I was impressed at first sight.

I only scanned the list of companies and didn’t noticed any big names, but there were 158 at the times of writing this post.

Signing up to is easy but getting accepted isn’t, your blog needs to meet requirements such as be in existence for at least 90 days and have a certain number of post. Some companies on their list require your blog to have a certain PR but not all.

I haven’t been accepted yet, but I am patiently waiting for my oppurtunity to write a few posts and make a few dollars at the same time.

Many bloggers use this service to make a few dollars for their time and effort, the responsible bloggers who do write a post for money also make their readers aware it is a paid post.


This is not a paid post, as I have not been accepted to their service yet.