Nine Hacks That Will Make You the Master of Your IPhone

Only a few days after the iPhone went on sale, hackers were already kicking the wheels and checking under the hood to see if they could pimp out Apple’s locked-down smartphone. After a month, they’ve made surprising progress. Below, we detail some of the milestone hacks for what has been called “the most significant consumer electronics product ever.”

Most of the hacks that have been publicized so far are aimed at controlling or enhancing your own iPhone, but a darker side has emerged too. A security firm announced a possible Wi-Fi-based browser exploit, which could give hackers access to an iPhone’s microphone, surfing history and contact information — and possibly website and e-mail passwords stored on the phone, too. Make no mistake: The iPhone is a magnet for hackers, both good and bad.

The hacks below run the gamut from easy hacks almost anyone can do to advanced mods that require serious hardware and software skills. Proceed at your own risk: With any hack, there is a chance you could permanently damage your iPhone or render it unusable, and you’re almost certainly voiding your warranty if you try most of these hacks. You have been warned.

Activate the IPhone Without AT&T
Ordinarily, the iPhone needs to be activated from within iTunes and registered with the carrier, AT&T, before it can be used for anything except telling the time and calling 911. Jon Lech Johansen (aka “DVD Jon”), who is notorious for cracking the CSS protection scheme on DVDs, took only five days to write a program that can bypass the activation step. It’s called Phone Activation Server 1.0. Of course, if you don’t have an AT&T account, the phone part won’t work, but this hack does get you Wi-Fi, web surfing, e-mail and music capabilities.
Difficulty: Medium
Details: DVD Jon Hacks iPhone: No Activation Required

iPhone Hacks…


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