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Well…yet another social bookmarking website has been launched. They are no Digg or Netscape, but they are giving it their best try. was launched recently, and has built up a fair amount of stories ( or as they call it “Dots”). They appear to be almost bug free, a few minor errors to fix, and according to admins, are working on them and they hope to have them fixed shortly.

Heres something that Digg, Netscape and 99% of all other social bookmarking sites don’t offer, Adsense Revenue sharing. Diggs $50+ million last year, how much did you get for posting stories, items, blog posts, news items? Not one cent. will give all members 50% Adsense Revenue sharing. That doesn’t mean you get 50% of their Adsense Revenue, it means for every post you make, there is a 50% chance they will post your Google pub-id in the Google Ads shown on that page. They will also, increase that percentage for active members.

Not a bad deal. I have posted a few items and have had 4 clicks on ads that were using my Google pub-id. They have also taken steps to ensure you don’t click on your own ad, so you don’t need to worry about getting banned.

I have made money off a few posts, so why not give it a shot.

When you visit them, please remember they are still in development, so you will notice things that don’t look right or don’t work properly, please bear with them, and if you really want to help, let them know if things don’t work, their contact page is

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CSS Superdouche?

CSS Superduche? When I first saw this title I was admittedly curious as to what it could be. So, I clicked the link and was taken to a small page where you could type in the location of tyour CSS file and it would “strip unneeded content, redundant calls, and intelligently group the remaining element names”, I was curious to see if it worked and if the CSS output it gave me would in fact be smaller and still work.

It was smaller, by a few kbs, and my layout still worked. It cleaned it up without effecting the layout or performance.

Since then, I have put all my CSS files through and all have been downsized and cleaned up.

This is definitely a web service worth checking out, and now I know why its called CSS Superdouche.

CSS Superdouche