Review My Posts

You may have noticed a clickable graphic at the end of my recent post, that ask you to review the post, its a new feature of PayPerPost. Now I am not a blogger who gets paid to post, but I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone would take the time to review any of my posts.

I love reviews, they can point you in the direction of improving your website or writing abilities. So if you do take the few minutes to review my post(s), please feel free to be candid.

You may be asking what else is in it for me, why would I ask you to review it on a website that pays bloggers to post reviews, well, its for the exposure I could get to fellow bloggers on PayPerPost, remember, I do not get paid to post on my blog by anyone including Pay Per Post.

When you click the graphic, you will need to take 30 seconds and register an account, to gain access to the review section.

Hope to read your review soon.


Access Keys

I am a firm believer in accessiblity when it comes to websites. One great accessility feature that I think all websites should look at implementing are access keys.

I found a great tutorial on access keys, here is a short blurb:


What is an access key?

An access key is a HTML attribute that allows users to navigate to a certain link via the keyboard, rather than clicking. Its primary goal is to increase accessibility and usability in web pages for users who find using a mouse difficult.

Accessibility benefits

Access keys mainly benefit users with motor difficulties (users who find moving difficult, and have difficulty with pointing devices such as mice). By providing navigation with access keys, users have the option to perform a simple keystroke to navigate links.

On a PC, access keys are normally used by holding ‘alt’ and pressing the access key.

On a MAC, access keys are normally used by holding ‘ctrl’ and pressing the access key.

Providing access keys is part of the WCAG priority 3 guidelines, in which it states that important links should have a keyboard shortcut.

Read the full tutorial here


During my design blocks, I found myself just staring at my screen for 10 minutes or more, then I would visit one of the many websites I visit everyday, looking at the same stuff. I then came across “StumbleUpon“, a toolbar you install on your browser.

When your bored, click “Stumble”, and up pops a website that a fellow member has added. No more staring at the screen for minutes, you can discover online hits and misses.

If you “StumbleUpon” a website you like, you can give it a thumbs up, and it will be added to your list of websites, and the same goes for websites you gave a thumbs down. You can tag each site or just rate them.

You can specify what type of websites you are interested in, and they will deliver only those types of websites. Over time, the number of websites you have rated will add up quickly, as will the number of fellow members who follow what you like as your tastes either coincide or conflict.

This is one of those programs that you wonder why it wasn’t thought of sooner, I am sure we all have set loking at the screen wondering what to do next, now the wonder is gone with StumbleUpon.


StumbleUpon Toolbar

Its free to signup and install the toolbar, definitely worth it.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it.

MySpace Layouts

 I rarely visit MySpace pages, not because I think there is nothing there of interest, but because I have yet to see any eye appealing layouts.

If the layouts weren’t bad enough, I am subjected to the authors genre of music on 99% of the pages that will usually cut off whatever I am listening to.  One of the biggest rule in running a website or an online journal, don’t hijack your visitors browser or computer.

The heavy metal, rap, rock etc… you love, doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants to hear it.  Give us the option to hear it by us clicking “play”.

Back to the layouts, I would love to see some good layouts on MySpace, if you think you have a good layout, post in the comments section below, and don’t bother if you are going to grace me with your auto-play music.


A new service was launched today by the “National Center for Missing & Exploited Children” called NetSmartz 411.

Its a website for parents to visit to get information about various aspects of the internet. For example: what is Xanga, Runescape, what acronyms mean (lol, btw) and a lot more. You can ask an expert an exact question even

This is a great tool for parents and I also learned a few things just browsing briefly.

Hopefully this service will be blogged extensively to help combat the growing number of internet predators that are preying on our children.

I encourage everyone to visit

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children