Perhaps one of the best programs for tracking traffic to your website would have to be ‘Statcounter’. One of the biggest bonuses is that it is FREE. There are many programs of this type that are free, but not all of them offer the stats and information that ‘Statcounter’ does.

The reports it gives are easy to read, and don’t require you to have an extensive background in reading them. Each report is self explanatory and in depth.

Here are some of the reports it gives:

  1. Summary
  2. Popular Pages
  3. Entry Pages
  4. Exit Pages
  5. Came From
  6. Keyword Analysis
  7. Recent Keyword Activity
  8. Recent Came From
  9. Search Engine Wars
  10. Visitor Paths
  11. Visit Length
  12. Returning Visits
  13. Recent Pageload Activity
  14. Recent Visitor Activity
  15. Country/State/City/ISP
  16. Browser
  17. System Stats
  18. Lookup IP Address

Another great feature of the program is that you can set it to be invisible on your website.

I recommend everyone give it a try.

Rating: 4.5/5

Below is a screenshot of the members area:



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